September 30, 2023

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Modern Exterior Design – Modern Exterior Design

Modern Exterior Design – Modern Exterior Design

There are many different elements that make up modern exterior design. Many of the most popular features that are incorporated into the exterior design of today’s home can work for the homeowner by increasing the appraised value of the home. Some of the favorite features being added by Decatur homeowners include outdoor kitchens, backyard decks and swimming pools. These are usually added purely for the enjoyment of the homeowner, but they are valuable assets as well. If you are planning on sprucing up the exterior portions of your home and property, here are a few ways to catch them up to date with the most popular modern exterior design elements.

Exterior Painting Projects


In many cases the homeowner who engages in any type of exterior remodeling project will most likely include some form of painting. It can be a fashion statement for the home, but in most cases exterior painting is simply considered proper maintenance procedure. There are many colors that remain popular with today’s homeowners and they vary based on the home’s overall design. Even though the trends continue to change, neutral colors remain a popular favorite for the modern home since it can provide an excellent backdrop for many of the different exterior design elements. There are some colors which have been understood as taboo for years but are now emerging as favorites. Colors like green, blue and sometimes even purple are being used along with neutrals like gray and khaki to create tasteful color schemes.

Outdoor Kitchens


The outdoor kitchen has become one of the most popular outdoor features added by homeowners over the last few years. This is an outdoor area which is fully functional as a kitchen. It can be as elaborate or simple as the homeowner wants to make it. Some include a simple barbeque pit and others a firepit. Some go all out and include the equipment for an entire kitchen such as a stove, sink, fridge and oven. The outdoor kitchen is a very good choice for the homeowner who likes to entertain guests. It provides a way to prepare the food without being separated from the guests.

Swimming Pools and Backyard Decks


Backyard decks and swimming pools are exterior features that many homeowners choose to add to their home. Depending on the preference of the homeowner the two may be added together with the deck providing a boundary for the pool. But they are also separate features which can add value to the home. A pool or deck either one can enhance the backyard portions of the home and provide space in which to entertain guests for hours. Like the outdoor kitchen, these features can be as elaborate or simple as the homeowner desires.  These features are easily adaptable to the number of guests that the homeowner is comfortable hosting.

Exterior Lighting


Exterior lighting provides more than just security in today’s exterior design; it has become one of the most important elements especially for homeowners who like to entertain frequently. Lighting is the perfect solution for walkways or to provide security and safety in outdoor areas and structures. But many homeowners also use decorative lighting around pool or deck areas. For those who entertain lighting can provide the necessary lighting to allow parties and gatherings to go on long after the sun has set.

Exterior Landscapes


It is important to note that the exterior portions of the home are equally important as the interior portions. Exterior remodeling and landscaping are important to help keep the home maintain a well groomed appearance. There are numerous landscaping elements that can be used along with other types of outdoor features like pools, kitchens and decks. Of course modern landscaping does not require that there be an outdoor kitchen, deck or other feature. For instance, modern landscapes may simply be a grouping of different kinds of plants. The type of landscape that is designed will depend largely on what the homeowner desires to achieve and the goals they want to achieve. There are many landscaping elements that can be incorporated into the design such as walkways, vegetable or flower gardens, hardscapes or waterscapes. These can all be combined in many unique ways or they can stand alone to help provide a nicely groomed appearance.

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