May 28, 2023

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Modern Industrial Design Ideas and Future Technology

Modern Industrial Design Ideas and Future Technology

Modern Industrial Design Ideas and Future Technology

Herb Garden was the result when MIT engineers came together to design and develop best indoor garden in the world. They have spent thousands of hours researching plant science in order to design and test every detail of this project. They promise you that Herb Garden would be best hydroponics plant-growth technology that would turn […]

Herb Garden – Smart Indoor Gardening System by MIT Engineers

Ultima RS is the latest flagship model from Ultima sports, it pushes Ultima legacy to the next level with this road legal super car. It’s stylish, sophisticated, and of course fast. The company claims that Ultima RS would be the most thorough and comprehensive revision of road-legal Ultima supercar ever to be released. This sports […]

Ultima RS Road-Legal Sports Car Can Be Tuned Up to Reach Staggering 1,200bhp

No wonder Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike is one of best selling ebikes from Ecotric, it’s a reliable personal vehicle with compact 20” x 4” tires. It costs you less than $1000, Ecotric FAT20810-MBL would be a nice bicycle that you can carry when you traveling, helping you to reach out places where most cars […]

Reliable Ecotric 20″ Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike Costs Less Than $1000

Are you a DJ in training? Even when you are a profession, this Pocket DJ Mixer would still a nice gadget to carry around. It helps you to create a professional-sounding beat anywhere you go, don’t underestimate this mini sound mixer. Just in case you plan to host a party, you can just skip the […]

Pocket DJ Mixer – Portable Mini Sound Mixer for DJ On-The-Go

Eather One is a conceptual plane powered by electric motor, it’s a vision of the future, where planes were all electric. This project is an attempt to revolutionize flying, what if Airbus created an electric plane, what would it look like? The main problem of an electric plane lies in the weight of the battery, […]

Eather One Electric Plane Concept Generates Its Power from Air Friction

With a rise in accidents involving cyclists in London is it time to incorporate safety into the new low/zero emission target of England’s capital? With the popularity of the ‘Barclays Bike Hire’ scheme (now sponsored by Santander) this vehicle is designed as an alternative to work alongside the scheme allowing users to hire the small […]

All Electric Concept Car Proposal for “Barclays Car Hire” System

The Handle is an award winning concept design that uses invisible tech for a smart lock door handle. It has multiple sensors that detect movement as you are getting close, the back lighting would automatically turn on to guide you where to touch the backside of fingerprint identifying area. Instead of just using numbers as […]

The Handle – Minimalist and Elegant Smart Door Lock Handle

In not so distant future, autonomous vehicles would cover majority of city’s roads. XiM20 is an interior project dedicated for driverless car equipped with advanced technology and innovations to complement the intuitive design. The interior provides passengers with flexibility and comfort for autonomous ride-share of the future. The front area is designed as an observation […]

XiM20 Project Offers Futuristic and Elegant Autonomous Ride-Share Interior Concept

Avoid getting cold this spring with Nike ISPA Inflate Jacket. It’s an innovative jacket that provides you warmth on-demand. The “I” in ISPA asks designers to improvise a solution from a problem that we often have to deal with. ISPA (Improvise, Scavenge, Protect and Adapt) project doesn’t want to just focus on athletes, this time, […]

Nike ISPA Inflate Jacket Keeps Your Warm This Spring

Work from home? You need a comfortable chair, desk, and a good lamp. Z-Bar Gen 3 Desk Lamp offers three-bar lamp design that would provides you with infinite flexibility, especially in contemporary workspace. It has touchstrip dimmer that’s located near the head for easy access and control the light’s strength. You can also customize your […]

Work From Home? Here’s a Z-Bar Gen 3 Desk Lamp for Infinite Flexibility

Big things can come in small package, take a look at Leatherman FREE-T4 Multi-tool. It’s a handsome EDC that has all assets from T2 plus scissors, tweezers, and heavy-duty file. It is designed to help you solve everyday problem, 12 tools in 1, it covers your everyday essentials and then some. The ergonomic design makes […]

Leatherman FREE-T4 Multi-tool: 12 Tools In 1 with Magnetic Locking

Revan offers a single solution for motorcyclist to capture everything in the front and behind, checking blindspots can be done using the intuitive HUD. This gadget cam helps motorcyclist to enjoy safer riding, it records everything that happens in front and behind in 1080p full HD video. Revan Helmet-Mounted Dashcam allows rider to stay connected […]

REVAN – Reliable and Safe Helmet-Mounted Dual Dashcam for Motorcyclists

This beautiful and minimalist 3D Crystal Watch has been designed using subtraction, it removes any excessive features that can create confusion. It’s a simple and functional watch yet the design looks beyond conventional ones. Many conventional watches on the market uses metal as dial in the faceplate design, this concept watch wants to introduce a […]

3D Crystal Watch Concept Shifts Your Focus from The Dial to The Crystal Lens

Nikola Badger is a hybrid pickup truck from Nikola Corporation, it promises to deliver an estimated range of 600miles. It’s an advanced electric pickup truck designed to target and exceed every electric or even petrol pickup in its class. Badger can operate on FCEV / battery-blend or BEV mode at any given time. It’s nothing […]

Nikola Badger Hybrid Pickup Truck Can Operate on Both FCEV or BEV Mode

This leather face mask is useful not only during Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but it will still be useful after to protect your from dust, cold, droplets, or smoke. This mask is 100% handmade, made of genuine leather with wide range of colors and fittings. The detachable straps loop around the neck, it’s adjustable for different […]

Protective Leather Face Mask with Filter to Protect You Against Droplets, Dust, Flu, or Smoke

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