December 9, 2023

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Modern living room design ideas & pictures l homify

Modern living room design ideas & pictures l homify

What makes the perfect modern living room?

For many people, the living room is the central hub of the house. It’s the place where you can socialise and host guests or simply just chill out! Creating a relaxing room which you want to spend time in is important for the whole flow of the house. Having somewhere to relax in or entertain guests helps create create a more relaxed home environment, and decorating correctly is a large part of creating this feeling.
Researching exactly what it is you would like to create first is a good idea, whether you want to try out something new or tie the look in with the rest of the house – these choices can greatly affect your decision. Whether the room accommodates for your whole family is also something which is necessary to take into account, creating seating for everyone is a great way to make sure the living room really is used by everyone. If you have children be sure to choose a colour scheme and materials in your floor and furniture that are not only modern and stylish, but also easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Where can I find modern living room ideas?

Modern living rooms are a popular choice so there are many places which you can draw inspiration from. Check in as many different areas as possible, from magazines to online, you can be inspired by a huge range of places.
Ideas from modern housing may also come from friends and family, as will visiting furniture showrooms, and even open houses in your local area.
Here at homify we have made sure that you can use our site quickly and easily to help save time on planning, and coming up with new living room designs. With a simple click you can view hundreds of modern living rooms. Styles from across the globe are available to you, and images can often inspire new ideas far quicker than just your imagination. We have made sure that utilising and remembering these ideas is also very simple – you can click and save anything into a modern living room ideabook, and even add text so you can use these ideas in your future planning.

What exactly can I do to my modern living room?

Interior design ideas for modern living rooms are extremely varied. It is imperative to make the most of the natural light which is provided. Large windows work well within modern living rooms, and allow the room to be flooded with as much natural light as possible.Your options for a smaller modern living room may not be so varied, so it might take a little more imagination and creativity. From reflective surfaces such as mirrors, to paints and glosses, there are many options available to bring a small but modern living room to life. Adding mirrors opposite windows is an age-old interior design trick to help a space appear bigger.
Creating large open spaces, by removing doors or walls also helps with the problem of limited lighting and creates a larger and more welcoming place to sit! Harsh lighting will make a space feel unnatural so use lamps and softer lighting options if access to natural light is limited.

What wall colour should I choose for my modern living room?

Modern living room décor is mainly focused on neutral colours, ensuring you have quality products and bold pieces. Many modern home owner’s love using the colour white; it creates a beautiful background for sprucing up your room when you feel like a change. With white, you are then able to use patterns – choosing one colour theme for these and keeping it similar throughout the room is a great idea. Using big swaths of solid colour can create a statement wall in a modern living room.
What type of flooring should I put in my modern living room?
Sanding the floors of a modern living room can create a fresh, contemporary look. The use of wooden flooring throughout a house is a great idea, and a living room would then benefit from a modern rug which ties in with the rest of the room colour scheme.
However, carpeting a modern living room also adds a plush look and creates a more inviting and homely room.

What modern living room design is right for me?

If you have the option, then designing your home in order to have large open windows and with an open plan is a brilliant option. With the modern look it is essential to remember not to cramp the room; avoid clutter and remember to incorporate bold, horizontal lines.  It is possible to pack a lot into a modern living room, including large pieces of furniture, for example coffee tables which may double up as regular tables and statement chairs – perhaps something in white with a modern, patterned throw? However, try and keep furniture to a minum to avoid creating a busy and cramped space. Deciding on what you do most in your modern living room may also help you with your decisions. Do you prefer watching TV with the whole family – in which case a large sofa and comfortable places would work best for you – or do you enjoy reading and have a large amount of books? For this option, you may consider a reading corner, somewhere which you can relax in, surrounded by your favourite books.Exposed bookshelves and exposed ceiling lights may also enhance a modern living room ambience. Interior design ideas for modern living rooms are never-ending on homify, and are forever being updated for you to check back.

Are there any specific tips for decorating my modern living room?

Consider small touches within a modern living room – mirrors with impressive frames, decorated coffee tables, anything in silver or more modern colours also works well. Think about your living room décor. Do you enjoy more quirky personal touches or a generically beautiful space? Browsing our site for art ideas, modern ideas and furniture ideas can really help you when coming up with what suits your own personal space.

How do I accessorise my modern living room?

Keeping accessories to a minimum is usually a good idea for a modern living room, allowing the focus to be drawn to the furniture such as large sofas and modern chairs. Making sure the quality and materials which are used in the room are also important factors.
It is possible to update your modern living room easily if you keep to a neutral colour palette, just by using accessories from each season. Updating a room also creates a fresh look instantly, perfect for those who easily get bored with the same style.

What happens if I have a small modern living room?

Living room designs in smaller spaces can often be a lot more difficult to decorate because you may not have as many choices when it comes to fitting all of your furniture in a modern way. 
If your modern living room is also just off the front door, it may be a good idea to use interior design as a way to differentiate these two spaces; you could use one wall paper within the hallway and a different, neutral colour in your living room. You may also try keeping the living room within the confines of a patterned, modern rug to help establish the boundary. 

Other living room styles

How to: Classic style living rooms

Classic style living rooms can include many time-tested elements, including timber furniture with soft, upholstered details, big comfy couches, all centred around a living room essential; the coffee table. Classic style living rooms will be centred around a theme of social interaction and conversation, with couches facing each other and not so much focused around modern elements such as a TV, If you wish to create a completely classic look but still include all the mod cons, TV’s can now be hidden behind mirrors, keeping the charm without sacrificing some wind-down time in front of the TV,

How to: Eclectic style living rooms

Eclectic style living rooms allow the personality and character of the occupants to shine through, without adhering to any strict rules that other design schemes have been set. An eclectic style living room is organised chaos, with mismatched colours, textures and decorative elements all coming together for a completely unique space. An eclectic style living room may suit a busy family with young kids; their mess only adding to the character of the space!

How to: Scandinavian style living rooms

Scandinavian style living rooms are becoming increasingly more popular as aesthetically pleasing design becomes more affordable. No longer do functional and stylish Scandinavian-designed furniture and home décor have to cost you everything. Think of lightly finished timber floorboards, white walls, ample natural light, Eames chairs, light coloured couches, and clean and minimal decorative pieces for an ultra-Scandinavian room

How to: Rustic style living rooms

Rustic style living rooms can be very reminiscent of Southern French farming homes, Italian lounge rooms or even Spanish style casas. Antique couches and armchairs will work well here, as will floral prints, decorative throw rugs, pouffes, floor rugs, antique chandeliers, and anything else you can find at flea markets. Be sure to use plenty of weathered timber; its imperfections helping to create a charm unobtainable from other interior design styles.

How to: Industrial style living rooms

Industrial style living rooms make use of materials such as exposed timber, brick, steel and concrete, and enhance the raw beauty of these often overlooked building materials. Again, these materials have a charm of their own, and are a subtle nod to the industrial revolution that helped bring large scale production to the world. A warehouse style feeling can be obtained through concrete floors, exposed brick walls, exposed beams in the ceilings, and where permitted, highlighting the sense of space created by high ceilings.

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