September 27, 2023

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Moroccan Living Rooms Ideas, Photos, Decor And Inspirations

Moroccan Living Rooms Ideas, Photos, Decor And Inspirations

Throughout history, the North African nation of Morocco has played host to a wide range of cultures, civilizations and even religions. From the indigenous Berbers to the Arabs and from the Romans and Spanish in the North to those from Sub-Saharan Africa, the country has welcomed a wide variety of visitors who have made it their home. It is no wonder, then, that Moroccan-style design, decor and architecture is so rich, vibrant, varied and inspirational. Borrowing from amazing design elements from several different cultures across many centuries, Moroccan living rooms are exciting, effervescent and even a touch mystical!

Stunning living room combines Hollywood glamour with amazing Moroccan design

by Gordon Stein Design

Filled with bright, magnetic colors, intricate geometric patterns, plush rugs, lantern-style lights and plush ottomans, the Moroccan style inspires you to embrace the bold and the extravagant. Here is a collection of some astonishing living rooms that celebrate the timeless Moroccan spirit in different ways while staying relevant in the contemporary world. Enjoy the exciting ride!

Moroccan modern room with a wall arrangement crafted from baskets

by Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Bright reds steal the show in this Moroccan living room

by Wisteria

Modern Moroccan living room that exudes luxury and majesty!

A colorful and stunning getaway with a bay view

Combine trendy chevrom patterns with colorful ottomans in the living room

Celebrate color and patterns with the vibrant Moroccan style

Lavish Moroccan living room that is seamlessly connected with the backyard

by Studio Blu / Luke Gibson Photography

Lighting fixtures play a key role in shaping Moroccan styled spaces

A Modern Take on Moroccan

The classic Moroccan living room seems like an unabated celebration of life with bright colors and diverse textures galore. But we will get to that a little later down the line. Most homeowners wish to add a touch of Moroccan charm to their place while keeping the sleek, sparkling contemporary appeal of the home intact. This can be done using bright pops of color that stand out in a living room that has a cool, neutral backdrop. The vivid splash of color can come in the form of throw and floor pillows, ornate drapes, the classic Moroccan rug and cozy decor in brilliant reds, yellows and blues.

Add Moroccan accents that can be switched out easily over time

by Duet Design Group

Lovely fuchsia accents breath life into the gorgeous Moroccan Living Room

Moroccan Leather Poufs and colorful stools bring the Middle Eastern charm to the room

by Lucy Interior Design

Since using fascinating geometric patterns and bold accent hues is a popular current trend, your living room looks fashionable while embracing the Moroccan overtones. Large mirrors or even sparkling mirrored surfaces can also accentuate this appeal without seeming out of place. In fact, you will be surprised by how well the classic Hollywood Regency style and a Moroccan theme go hand-in-hand in a glamorous living room!

Moroccan rug adds visual warmth to the contemporary living room

by Janet Paik

Bright pendant light and smart rug add Moroccan accents in an elegant manner

by Alexander Johnson Photography

Reinterpreting the Moroccan theme for the modern living room

by Tami Smight Interiors

Warm and inviting Moroccan living room

by Sunny K. Merry

Bold and brilliant colors are an integral part of the Moroccan Theme

by House & Homes Palm Springs Home Staging

Colorful and Classic!

Are you in the mood to move away from the more modern approach to design and embrace the classic Moroccan-style interior in a full-blown fashion? Then the first thing you need to pick is the background color of your living area. This is the one big difference between incorporating Moroccan elements in a modern interior and opting for a dedicated Moroccan theme. The neutral backdrop in white or cream is simply no longer good enough! Warm yellows and burnt oranges are often the preferred choice. For those who want a ‘Mediterranean vibe’ to their Moroccan living room, aqua, turquoise or teal is an exciting alternative.

Bamboo Coffee Table and ornate details shape this chic living room in bold colors

by Horchow

Amazing living room that combines Indian and Moroccan flavor

by ibrahim radwan

Give your living room an authentic Moroccan look with rugs, floor pillows and Moroccan prints

by Urso Designs

Do not hesitate to fill the room with luxurious decor in contrasting colors and heavy patterns when going for a full-blown Moroccan look. Drapes that are inspired by the desert life in the Middle East, some natural greenery, arches and keyhole windows and other elements that were inspired by classic Middle Eastern architecture help give the Moroccan living room a more ornate appeal.

Tropical colors coupled with Moroccan lantern and fabric in the cool living room

by The Souq Lighting

Turn your living room into a relaxing and vibrant lounge

by Elad Gonen

Small modern Moroccan living room with custom painted pillows and curtains

Combine moroccan design elements with contemporary style in a subtle fashion

by Sarah Kidder Design

Turn your living into an exotic Moroccan getaway with bold colors and a cool aqua backdrop

Lights, Patterns and Plush Textures

When decorating a Moroccan-inspired living room, discard the conventional coffee table, side tables and other seating options. Beautifully carved wooden decor additions, colorful local flea market finds with Middle Eastern flair, and obviously those ever-popular and mesmerizing ottomans need to take their place instead. And while you devote all that attention to decor, textiles and colors, do not forget the role that lighting plays in truly giving your living room a Moroccan makeover. In fact, the lantern-style Moroccan lights are its single most recognizable facet and are an absolute must for any interior that’s aspiring to become truly Moroccan!

Moroccan lights steal the show in this industrial living room

by KuDa Photography

Multiple architectural details, curved doorways and Moroccan-inspired lights shape this living room

by Laura U

Cozy ambiance of the colorful Moroccan living room in Chicago

by Tom Stringer Design Partners

The exceptional and inimitable Moroccan light fixtures also double as brilliant sculptural additions that hold their own even when not switched on. Combine them with the other widely recognized features of the style–vintage Moroccan rugs–and half the task is done! Stimulating, inviting and at times simply majestic, the Moroccan living room is an expressive oasis of color and creativity.

Ornate ceiling adds to the charm of this beautiful living room

by Moroccan Bazaar Interior designers

Exotic Living room with a Moroccan theme offers ample privacy

by Jason Dallas Design

Smart Mediterranean living room with elegant Moroccan lighting and decor

by Gordon Stein Design

A living that is draped in blue!

by Rebecca Mitchell Interiors & Boutique

Eclectic living room with Moroccan accents and bright pops of color

by Becky Harris

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