December 5, 2023

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Office Furniture Design Trends In 2020Dream Studio

Office Furniture Design Trends In 2020Dream Studio

We are all well aware of the large and smart desks that give you plenty of space to work and study. But, as your business grows, you need to rethink your office space. The modular office furniture can accommodate your ever-changing needs, adjust with the current requirement, and add to your future layouts. 

In this blog, our interior designers in Pune has listed some of the robust and efficient office furniture and styling techniques to make your office space look clean and spacious.

  1. Modern Cubicles: Your workplace should get designed in a manner that encourages your employees to spend more time on their desk. Our modern set of office cubicles will motivate efficiency and teamwork all day. A large table acts as a double-sided desk for two users, leaving plenty of space around the corners for movement in the office. The contemporary low wall cubicles are gaining popularity for its variety in size, colours, materials, and configurations. 

Above all, it comes with more excellent benefits such as increased productivity, sustainability, and help you use office space more efficiently. 

  1. The Storage and Space Units: An office should be well-organized and out of sight to maintain privacy and professionalism. The storage units help you organize your important documents without creating any mess. If you are looking for a lot of storage spaces to store your documents, files, and crucial papers, rap around a run of cabinets and office shelving for a visually-appealing storage inspiration. 

Personalized storage inside the walls can be designed to suit your functional needs and comes in a wide range of finishes, including the textured and rustic wood grain laminates in various solid colours for every desk. 

  1. Old & New Office Fusion: Changing the old design to a whole new layout may get too expensive. Instead, convert the old traditional design into a new one. This trend has gained popularity in overtime. The revamping deals with all assets of furnishing, including the old buildings, rooms, and every corner of the office. The goal here is to preserve the ancient craftsmanship and incorporate it into the existing architecture and bringing it back to life.
  2. Office desk: The modern offices should promote comfort, health, and work efficiency. Adjustable standing desks and tables promote mobility and help the employees get benefitted with a flexible working environment. For the offices more into creativity and art can opt for bar tools at a high table where the employees spend more time standing at the table to cut fabrics, papers, and craft materials. 

You can choose from the L-shaped, Cappucino 48-inch long desk, and many more according to the size and shape of your organization. 

  1. Comfortable Executive Chairs: The definition of an ideal seating arrangement is when your thighs, sitting bones, and the thorax are well-supported while working. You can shop for the best chairs for office purpose or consult with our office interior designers in Pune to help you out with the right chair that speaks volume about your office environment and concern towards your employee’s health. For computer users, the armrests should be close to the body and allow your shoulders to relax while working.
  2. The Modern Conference Table: The modern concept of office furnishing focus more on providing good design and comfort to everyone. Our conference tables and storage models are designed to fit in your updated office environment and technology influenced setup. Opt for custom-made conference tables to remain specific on your needs. Whether you are looking for a pitch-in presentation or face-to-face meetings on a round table set up, a tailor-made conference room will provide ample space to keep the energy flowing around inside the room.
  3. Collaborative Furniture: If you are more into facilitating a relaxed, comfortable, and brainstorming corner in your office, collaborative furnishing is what you need. They include an open-air office seating area, outdoor touchdown area or a standard load sharing table for mobile devices and laptops. It brings your dull traditional office environment to a whole new level. Above all, office furniture is highly flexible to install items seamlessly.
  4. Computer Desks: The modern computer desks come with cord management, a front drawer, and a hideaway top compartment to stash all your desktop odds and ends. Most importantly, it comes with a deceivingly ample desktop space so that you need not compromise on style over comfort. The designs are sleek, affordable, easy to assemble, and durable with its high gloss finish.
  5. Wall Shelly: Wall racks are an excellent way to store your things and display them on its shelves. Mix and match the shelves with the furniture and designs to create a unique texture around the work environment. One major advantage of wall racks is you can cut the shells in the exact length you need and can have shelves that match with any space.


Are you looking for ways to revamp your old traditional office setup? We, at Dream Studio, are well-known for creating out of box designs that boost life in the entire workspace. Bring your ideas and related concerns to our creative designers, and we will make sure the best design plans are delivered to you. We also have the best team of home interior designer in Pune to build and renovate your house into a dream home. Contact us for further insights into our services. 


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