September 26, 2023

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Your Dream House

Online Curb Appeal & Exterior Design Services

Online Curb Appeal & Exterior Design Services


Visioneering Homes

A Fun New Way To Design Your Home Online

Visioneering Homes is a new way to design your home!  We provide the best digital exterior design service online. You will receive Exterior Design Help from a licensed professional who will help you make decisions on paint colors, exterior finishes, doors, windows, roofing, landscaping and more! Don’t spend any more time worrying over the design of your home’s curb appeal, contact us to get started with your digital exterior design today!


Are You Struggling With Your Exterior Design?

Having trouble deciding on colors?

Uncertain which updates match your home’s character?

Want to update your home but unsure about how to achieve great results?

Feeling paralyzed by choices?

Delaying your project because you’re unsure where to start?

Looking for simplified design advice from a licensed professional?

… Then You Need to Try Our Exterior Design Service


Our 4 Step Process

It’s Simple, Easy, & Fun!


Visioneering  victories

When it comes to exterior design, it can be difficult to visualize what to do with your home. Below are some examples of how our clients used Visioneering Homes to find clarity for their custom exterior designs! They collaborated with us, tried on different colors, landscaping options, and features (like shutters, doors, light fixtures, & more) to settle on an exterior design that works for them!

No Risk Free Consultation!

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Refresh Your Page To See This Digital Exterior Design and Be Sure To Visit Our Blog For Exterior Design Help and other Curb Appeal Guidance!

“You haven’t seen exterior design like this before”

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Stunning Curb Appeal Transformations!

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Refresh Your Page To See This Digital Exterior Design and Be Sure To Visit Our Blog For Exterior Design Help and other Curb Appeal Guidance!

“I am so glad I found your site!”

Catherine, Texas

I literally had my breath taken away when I opened my email… It was so exciting! Truly!.. a very cost effective way to come up with a vision… I am incredibly happy with this service!

Kate, Florida

Visioneering Homes recommended some design elements and color combinations that we would have never thought of. The recommendations look amazing and really bring that wow factor to our house

Mike, Florida

Great responsiveness, awesome ideas and creativity! Turned my house into what I dreamed it could be. Highly recommend Visioneering Homes!

What People Are Saying

How much time are you spending making difficult exterior design decisions on your own? Are you truly confident the choices you are making are what’s best for your home? What would it cost you if you were wrong? Guessing that your exterior design will look good often ends in failure, rework, or dissatisfaction, costing valuable time and money. Take the guesswork out of your exterior design and approach your project with clarity, confidence, and precision

My Story-licensed architect

Growing up in Chicago, I had a fascination with architecture and homes. I would sneak onto construction sites of new homes to experience a family’s vision take form. That passion carried me through a Master’s degree in architecture where I studied how architecture could be a change agent in the lives of people living in poverty. In my career I have designed buildings on four continents and homes in all different styles; Craftsman, Prarie, Tudor, Colonial, American Foursquare, and Modern to name a few (midcentury is my personal favorite). It’s been a fun, rewarding journey putting that childhood fascination into practice and helping many families actualize their design goals. Now I am using that ambition to help graphically put to paper the vision you have for your home! This service really helps give homeowners cohesive design direction for their homes saving time, effort, and ultimately money. And above all of that, it’s really fun and there’s no other service like it! I am excited to start working with you on your project!





Bradley  Huizenga



Option 1 

The Colorizer


Revised photo of your home Including:

  • Custom color palette to help complete your fresh new look!


The Facelift


Revised photo of your home including:

  • The Colorizer

  • updated  fixtures & features.

  • Building Material changes

  • Landscape elements to help complete the look

Option 2 



The overhaul

Revised photo of your home including:

  • The Colorizer

  • The Facelift.

  • other necessary architectural changes such as gables, porches, windows, etc. 

Option 3 


Don’t Struggle With Your Design…

Begin Visioneering Your Project Today

Each exterior design begins with a FREE PROJECT CONSULTATION. Submit the form below and one of our exterior design experts will discuss your project with you! 

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