December 3, 2023

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Original House Exterior Design Ideas

Original House Exterior Design Ideas

People always strived for beauty, in all times. We can just call to mind the ancient castles, manors and residences of an ancient sovereigns. They stood out by the pomposity, original forms, abundance of spaсe, light and luxury. Those castles have survived to our times as a remainder of that living space can be not only the demonstration of status and success of the person, but also his/her aesthetic taste and creativeness. Design become less for showing off, but more for inspiring and searching of new ideas. That`s why we shouldn`t lose any element of the whole image of our dwelling, whether it is a kitchen or the outside of the house. You can agree, it would be looking absurdly if you have nice interior design but your house left untreated from the outside and vice versa. That`s why our trendy original house exterior design ideas can bring a lot of new concepts to your fantasy. House planning and all the decoration starts from the exterior. It can become the catalyst of all the design accomplishments in the renovation of your home.

Original house exterior design ideas for village and wilderness

If your house is in the village, some untreated territory and far from civilation, then you need to think about additional options for your living place. You need to organize strong basement, provide sewers, electricity, think about the bathroom and heating for cold winter season. But all of these cares can be approached with fantasy and become a nice piece of decoration. Look at how nice solutions modern houseowners apply to their estates.

Metal frame of the house floor along with the concrete piles digging deep in to the ground provides very strong base for the summer house. And here you can see even the wooden barrel for cooling when its too hot.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Texas sultry climate reflected in the house construction with the cool font to get some fresh Original House Exterior Design Ideas. very elaborated construction of the rural house

This unusual and limitless design concept of the village house with the grid of wooden blinds stuns with its beauty and innovation. The natural light multiplies by multiple reflection on the glance wooden panels and the wooden overhang of the terrace also provides the cooling shadow in the sultry day.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Unusual color palette in the exterior embellishing of the small cottage

The one-storey design of the house becomes classic for the cottage settlement. This is nice idea for people who have a large plot of land and do not want to build high house. Instead, you can arrange a very functional spacious living zones and a green lawn in front of it easily.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. One-storey cottage with the arranged lawn in front of it

Creative design can liven up even the wild land of the field and forest thanks to ecological materials and unusual form of the building. The light wooden wall trimming and sun batteries at the roof are bringing the house closer to the nature.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Ecological house construction with th recyclable energy supply right in the open field

Wooden panels as a material for the house exterior decoration are becoming a trend lately. Contemporary processing means can rpovide a long life of the timber and give almost any color you want to the house.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Nice example of the paneling in the hot climate

Another impressive example of the exterior wooden paneling of the village house. The achieved design looks spacious, it is full of natural light.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Unusual effective dark wood paneling of the village cottage

Royal idea for the wooden trimmed house in the fur-forest. The composition of stone and timber is reminiscent of big ship. It is also impressive to admit that it is almost completely hovers in the air as has no basement.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Original eco wooden design of the appearance of the big mansion

Oh, just look at this amazing masterpiece of human`s genius! This new variant of the hill-house from Harry Potter saga is absolutely irrepeatable.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Amazing idea for concrete, steel and glass house built-in right to the hill

More practical and easy option to highlight your house among the trees is simple but very effective: use bright plastic panels to face your house.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Enchanting jungle bungalo concept in the modern interpretation

Concrete troughs as the house basement? Never heard about that! And now you can see it with your own eyes. Spectacular idea for the small village home.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Nice eco design constrcuted with the help of concrete troughs

Small town and suburb original house exterior design ideas

The overall trend of the houses` exterior design more and more shifts to minimalism, color decorations and use of the modern materials. Designers are willing to find new forms in synthesizing and combining of different styles in one.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Unusual futuristic hi-tech design of the strict lined house

Look at this gorgeous as if “dancing” house in the American savanna. Unrepeatable round forms make it possible to use the metal grooved roof covering as the wall decoration. Wooden panels became the second significant trimming exterior material. The overall facade concept looks very harmonizing in among the natural landscape.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Wavy "musical" design of the bented grandiose house in the forest Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Bent form of the gorgeous house

Experimental design concept for small land area can impress anyone by its round forms. But the question about its practicality and functionality remains open.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Another unusual design of the wooden house appearance

Spectacular example of the town cottage with the nice scheme of warm artificial lighting emphasizes the courtliness and innovation of the wooden trimming. Another unique finding are the fenceless French balconies made by the ability to go out to the sun shade above the porch and the side door leading to the studio kitchen.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Another unique linear house concept with wooden finishing and warm artificial facade lighting

And take a look at this masterpiece of the designer`s elaborated work. The hi-tech house at the hill slope amazes the imagination. Concrete square frames of all shades of gray exuding from the wooden trimming are in the composition with the concrete base, porch and a terrace of the mansion. It is a new modern form of luxurious facade.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Front side of the unique wooden trimmed house with the balcony and the concrete basementOriginal House Exterior Design Ideas. Absolutely unique wood trimmed mansion of two stores at the slope of the hill

And here is the example of Scandinavian practicality and effectiveness at the same time. Exterior decoration repeats the landscape colors. The latticed sun visor at the porch can provide both the natural lighting and the isolation from aggressive sunrays.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Norwegian house concept with the inherent to Scandinavian design restraint and taste

This unusually designed mansion is representing a whole composition of thoroughly designed buildings. The strict lines echoing with some negligence and frivolity of some elements and areas of the overall design. Protruding roof edges with the artificial built-in light fixtures and terraces with plexiglass transparent fences became the highlights of the house exterior.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Perfectly elaborated outline of the modern original three storey designer`s house with plenty of artificial light

A synthesis of different folk and historical styles can lead to such unusual design concepts. We can see partly Chinese, partly Indian, African and minimalistic appearance of light finished facade and the fence.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Very special concept of the mansion reminiscent of house of future

The fantasy of designer can go beyond just experimenting with materials and colors. Here we can see the example of decorative painting of the facade with the original pattern.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Stone, matted glass and the patterns - all you need for great decoration

Nice fresh and easy two color decoration of the small but original townhouse with the landscape designing at the house territory.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Yellow and dark gray color combination in the outside trimming of the village house

A little bit of Chinese theme in the city suburb. The image is complemented by carved wooden panel of house facade decoration.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Oriental roof outline and the European roof tile within one concept

Absolutely gorgeous design idea of black riveted facade panels and flat wide rectangular windows of the house. Open terrace is staffed with white chiars composition and the landscape design.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Black riveted panels of the unique house trimming

As you can see, the most of houses are designed by combination of materials and forms. Strict lines usually intertwines with unusual geometricity or symbiosis with round shapes. The main trend is hi-tech exteriors in all their diversity: steel frames, box-looking containers of the living areas, a lot of glass, far protrusive roof edges and built-in exterior lighting.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Nice construction of wood and glass with the artistic trim in the forestOriginal House Exterior Design Ideas. Sandwich constructed strict lined white houseOriginal House Exterior Design Ideas. Box designed white unique house constructionOriginal House Exterior Design Ideas. Strict linear form of the house construction with the wooden and plaster combination of trimming materials

Unique modern ideas for the houses in big cities

Often appears a situation when some buildings in a big city demands renovation or even rebuilding in order to harmonize with the overall style concept in the street. Or maybe the house owners just want to stand out with the unqie facade of their private ownership. There is nothing easier than to apply modern exterior wooden panels to sheathe your house. It would take minimum money, you could choose from a big range of stylistic themes and mimic almost any kind of covering materials.

Original House Exterior Design Ideas. Old American naroow house in the big city stylized with black trimming


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