December 11, 2023

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Our Family Room Design with Modsy

Our Family Room Design with Modsy

I’m so so so excited to be revealing the plans for our family/TV room with you today. I’ve been keeping this whole room process a secret because of the partnership but we’re making really good progress and I can finally show you what we’ve been up to.

As you know by now, I have a good friend who is an interior designer. She is incredibly talented and I just adore working with her. That said, because we’re friends, she gives me a fantastic deal on her services. To be totally transparent, if it weren’t for that, it would not be in my budget to work with a designer in every room.

Modsy reached out to me about using their online service to design one of our new rooms and I was hesitant to even discuss a partnership because I had a bad experience with an online design company in the past. Plus there has been a lot of bad press about another online design company lately so I was nervous for sure.

But they showed me how their process worked and I decided to give it a try. I have been blown away by how great they’ve been to work with and already convinced three of my friends to use them too!

What is Modsy?

Modsy is an online interior design service that delivers super realistic 3D designs of your exact room filled so you can virtually “try on” products and designs before you buy them. Seeing furniture and certain colors together in the space is so so cool!

And the price tag is much more affordable than working with a traditional interior designer. It starts at $49 for basic service and that’s the only fee you pay in the process. And Lemon Stripes readers can take 20% off any design package with code JULIA20 (valid through 10/31/19).

My personal favorite part of how they work is that they offer unlimited revisions for your project like a traditional designer with all their packages except for the classic. That was what I was most nervous about using an online company and the fact that they have taken the time to make our room perfect has been really nice.

The other thing I was nervous about was sizing. The last experience I had was a hot mess because the designer didn’t measure anything and nothing fit correctly in the space. But, because I’m the most Type A, I actually checked the work that our Modsy designer did and she was spot on with all the measurements.

We’re on our second revision now and I will for sure share with you our progress as we finalizing the designs and actually start decorating the space. The only reason it’s not totally done is that we decided to go with a darker sectional and use more of our own art so they will be incorporating that into the next revision.

Our Family Room Plan:

Anel and I wanted a cozy room where we can watch movies together at night, cozy up with a glass of wine after Amalia goes to bed, and snuggle up as a family on weekends. Right now it feels very cold and random.

The designs we’ve seen look warm, inviting, and pretty, all while staying within our budget. After going through their design quiz and sharing our goals with them, I have to say they nailed it. I’m SO happy with how this has turned out and can’t wait to see the room come to life. But with the 3D renderings here, he understood the vision right away and even went for the blush pink curtains (I’m shocked!) after seeing them in the design.

We originally wanted to put built-ins along the wall with the TV, and when I told our Modsy designer that, she suggested an entertainment center from Crate and Barrel which is awesome because it’s a fraction of the cost but still looks like built-ins. We wanted space for books and family photos on the top (and an opening for the TV) and then cabinets on the bottom where Amalia can keep her toys. It’s perfect.

That built-in look mixed with the soft cozy hues of the room feel just like us. For the next iteration, we will be removing the little round table on the side of the couch (I had sent it to them because we have it, but I don’t think we need it there) getting a darker grey sectional (we sat on approximately a million couches and landed on the Pottery Barn PB Comfort upholstered roll-arm which is currently 20% off!), and using our own art and mirrors for the walls.

How Modsy Works:

1. Share your space: Take photos and measurements of your space, clutter and all.

2. Tell them about your project: Take the Modsy Style Quiz and share more about your project needs, existing furniture and budget.

3. Get your design plans: Modsy Designers create and deliver two custom design plans for your room in 3D, with layout, furniture, and accessory recommendations.

4. Revise your designs: Work with a Modsy Designer (or use Live Swap and Modsy’s 3D Style Editor) to fine-tune your designs until they’re just right.

5. Start decorating: Shop directly from your design plans in one easy checkout and earn exclusive discounts.

Take 20% off any design package with code JULIA20 (valid through 10/31/19).

Products pictured above:
Pottery Barn sectional (Shown in Basketweave Ivory but we bought it in Performance Slub Light Grey)
Crate & Barrel entertainment system
Safavieh rug (very affordable!)
Sunpan swivel chaircb2 round coffee table
West Elm curtains (on sale)
Crate & Barrel curtain rods (on clearance)
cb2 console table
West Elm side table
Thank you to Modsy for sponsoring this post and the design process. All furniture/decor will be purchased by us. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

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