October 2, 2023

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Our First Review of the Fisker Ocean

Our First Review of the Fisker Ocean

We took our first in person look at an early prototype of the Fisker Ocean in San Diego at Fully Charged Live and it left us wanting more.

Today, we share our thoughts after seeing an early prototype of the Fisker Ocean in person at Fully Charged Live. We had a chance to get up and close with the Fisker Ocean. It was our first time seeing and sitting in the Fisker Ocean electric SUV. You may have caught our live stream yesterday of the Fisker Ocean from the home energy and electric vehicle show. We walked you through most of the vehicle at the start of the event. You could say we got a chance to kick the proverbial tires.

Fisker Ocean at Fully Charged Live in San Diego.

The Fisker Ocean on display was painted in Big Sur Blue with MaliBlu interior and 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels. We captured hundreds of photos of the Fisker Ocean and shared some of them yesterday. This prototype is over a year old. It’s been to dozens of events, sat in by thousands of people, and washed countless times. It’s fair to say this specific electric SUV has been put through the wringer. Believe it or not, it still shows really well.

Here is what we thought about the Fisker Ocean prototype we saw at Fully Charged Live in San Diego this weekend. If you attended the event, let us know what you thought in the comments below.

More Impressive In Person

Fisker Ocean at Fully Charged Live in San Diego.

We’ve probably seen several thousand photos and hundreds of videos of the Fisker Ocean. While all of the imagery is great, it doesn’t do the electric SUV justice. You can certainly appreciate the beauty of the Fisker Ocean from the photos and videos. However, the all-electric Fisker Ocean is more impressive in person. There is no question about it. You will likely agree when you get to see it for yourself in real life.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we first saw the Fisker Ocean before the Fully Charged Live event opened to the public. It was sitting there alone all by itself on the showroom floor. The only people around were Fisker team members getting the electric SUV prepped for the show. It stood there in all of its glory waiting for thousands of people to check it out this weekend.

The sheer size of the Fisker Ocean is quite something. The Fisker Ocean is much bigger in person from the outside of the electric vehicle to its spacious interior. Fisker’s description of the electric SUV is on point, “…a dramatically sculpted exterior with an aggressive stance, clean lines, sleek surfaces, ultra-slim lighting, and modern cubist sculptural shapes.”

The Exterior

Fisker Ocean OpenSky Roof.

The Fisker Ocean design speaks for itself. The hood and rear-end of the vehicle catch your eye no matter which direction you view it from. At 5′ 10″, or 70 inches in height, we could see over the top of the vehicle. The Fisker Ocean has a length of 188″, height of 64.2″, width of 78.5″, and wheelbase of 115″. The OpenSky roof is impressive, making it the largest “sunroof” we’ve ever seen in person next to a convertible. We can’t wait to see the SolarSky roof the next time we’re up close with a newer Fisker Ocean prototype.

Big Sur Blue Paint

Big Sur Blue paint is awe-inspiring. This beautiful paint color will surely turn heads when the Fisker Ocean is on the road. That matte finish is quite something and hides fingerprints, dust, and dirt really well. While at the event for about 2-hours, we only saw the exterior quickly wiped down once. The Fisker team member wiped it down using a cleaning solution in a spray bottle with a soft cloth. With all the fingers, hands, and arms of event goers touching the Fisker Ocean, the paint stayed relatively clean. However, it still doesn’t make us change our mind from our original color selection.

SlipStream Wheels

The 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels are bigger in person than what you see in photos. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. The Fisker Ocean on display showed off the 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels in a black finish with a grayscale logo. These SlipStream wheels are made from aluminum and recycled carbon fiber inserts. We always wondered how the carbon fiber was set into the wheel. After seeing these wheels up close and running our fingers all over them it’s clear now.

Other notables

Some other things on the exterior of the Fisker Ocean caught our eye. The Fisker logos throughout the vehicle are embossed. For instance, when you run your fingers over a Fisker badge, you can feel the raised design. It is a very nice touch, literally! When we inspected the rear of the vehicle, the lower taillights had condensation forming. Presumably, this is from the components not being air tight. Not to mention all of car washes this prototype vehicle has seen in such a short period of time. We don’t expect this to be an issue with the production vehicles.

The Interior

You can tell the Fisker team has put a lot of thought into the interior design, as much as they’ve done with the exterior design. First off, don’t be fooled by photos you see of the MaliBlu interior. It looks a whole lot better in person. Even with indoor lighting in the San Diego Convention Center, the MaliBlu interior looked great. Hands down, MaliBlu interior is better looking in person than it is in photos. Also, it’s funny to think the interior is made with recycled materials. It is not even noticeable. The interior of the Fisker Ocean is on point.

Spacious and Comfortable

Overall, the interior of the Fisker Ocean is very spacious. In the front of the vehicle, the driver and passenger seats have a lot of legroom. The driver and passenger seats are a good size and comfortable for a prototype. While we only sat in the vehicle for 10 minutes, it was comfortable. The EcoSuede seats feel nice and soft. Very smooth to the touch. The driver and passenger seats cradle and hug your body where it matters. The textures used throughout felt nice, including the dashboard and the heavy duty sustainable floor mats. The rear seats were not available for viewing, which was a bit disappointing. We wanted to see what it was like to sit in the vehicle as a rear passenger. Another time.

Fisker Ocean Headrests

The headrest on each seat of the Fisker Ocean appear to be designed to look like a wave breaking. If you’ve ever been to the beach and watched waves crashing, every now and again you see a barrel or tube. That’s how we would describe the design of the headrest in the Fisker Ocean. In all the videos or articles published, you’ve probably never heard that one before. It’s a Fiskerati first! That’s the difference of getting up close and personal with the vehicle vs. seeing it in photos and videos. The finer details matter.

Other notables

We loved the storage compartment in the middle of the center console located below the cup holders and wireless charging. That was a really nice touch for storing extra odds and ends. This is especially true since we didn’t see a glovebox in the vehicle. However, you could see the indentation of where the taco tray is located near the front passenger seat. We also learned how to close the doors from inside of the vehicle. The design is clever and the depth of the handle is not something that comes across clearly in photos.

Our Final Thoughts

Henrik being interviewed in San Diego at Fully charged Live in front of the Fisker Ocean.

The Fisker Ocean electric SUV is worth checking out in person. You may consider hopping on a plane or taking a roadtrip wherever the Fisker Ocean ends up next. That’s exactly what we heard from many reservation holders and future owners of the Fisker Ocean. They came from all over to attend Fully Charged Live this weekend. We hope you get to see the Fisker Ocean soon, even if it’s an older prototype.

Overall, the Fisker Ocean exterior and interior exceeded our expectations. There is a lot of pent up enthusiasm to see and sit in the Fisker Ocean. Plain and simple. The Fisker Ocean delivered. We can now tick that one off our list. Next up, is either seeing a newer prototype with more bells and whistles, like the marketing vehicles Henrik mentioned when we interviewed him, or test driving a production intent Fisker Ocean.

We’ve all seen Henrik test drive the Fisker Ocean at speeds of over 100 MPH. We would love a chance to do the same thing. Well, maybe at reduced speeds! Nevertheless, it would be great to test out the performance we’ve heard all about. We’ve driven the “Ultimate Driving Machine” and some of the leading electric vehicles. Now, it’s time to take the Fisker Ocean for a spin. Until our next review, we’ll keep you posted with all the latest.

Thank you to Henrik and the Fisker staff, including Tevy, Luis, and Marlene, for showing us around the Fisker Ocean and/or answering our questions.

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