September 27, 2023

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Phoenix bond committees to select funding priorities

Phoenix bond committees to select funding priorities

Peter Amarasinghe (right, 4) and his brother, Josiah Amarasinghe (3), play in the Noodle Forest, Sept. 26, 2019, at the Children's Museum of Phoenix, 215 N. Seventh St., Phoenix.

Do you want a bigger Children’s Museum of Phoenix? Should the city upgrade its facilities to be more environmentally friendly? Fix roadways? How does renovating some of the city’s affordable housing sound? 

That’s what groups of people selected by the Phoenix City Council began deliberating Friday. Their decisions on which projects should be funded could ultimately be part of a bond program the City Council is expected to ask voters to approve in 2023. 

This would be the city’s first request for general obligation bonds in 16 years. 

The council-appointed groups will focus on different types of projects such as the arts to the environment. The meetings that will last through October will likely lead to tough decisions as the city-identified needs far exceed the amount of funding the council plans to ask for from voters.