December 4, 2023

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Project Design Consultants – Home Page

Project Design Consultants – Home Page

Project Design Consultants – Home Page

North Embarcadero

Visionary Plan

Project Design Consultants (PDC) was chosen to lead the team for Phase I of the North Embarcadero Visionary Plan. The project included preparing the construction documents to shift Harbor Drive east to create a 100-foot promenade between E Street and B Street and improvements to West Broadway from the railroad tracks to Harbor Drive to create a “Grand Hall” leading to the Harbor.  The plan to transform downtown San Diego’s western waterfront was a huge undertaking that included the Joint Power Authority (JPA) of three agencies. PDC  worked closely with the JPA that included the Port of San Diego, Civic San Diego, and the City of San Diego.


This high-profile project allowed PDC to contribute to what will ultimately provide San Diego with a world-class waterfront. The $24 million Phase I is the first in a series of projects that will eventually complete the over $200 million visionary plan, revitalizing the bay front between Laurel and Market streets.

San Vicente Dam

San Vicente Dam Raise

PDC provided land survey and right-of-way engineering services to the San Diego County Water Authority on their 2nd Aqueduct to San Vicente Pipeline Tunnel Project and the Dam Raise Project. These projects consisted of a 12-mile, 108” dia. pipeline in a 120” diameter tunnel, a hydroelectric facility, a pump station, 2 portals and 3 vertical shaft sites, a 100-foot vertical raising of the dam and expanding of the reservoir footprint, and access roads.


PDC performed 1st order GPS surveys, aerial topographic mapping and imagery, right-of-way engineering, and GIS data conversion services for the new 12-mile pipeline tunnel and dam raise projects. The pipeline and dam raise project required R/W acquisition from over 100+ ownerships. PDC performed all right-of-way surveys and documents for the new pipeline and expanded reservoir footprint. PDC is also under contract with the Authority for As-Needed Surveying.



City of Solana Beach - General Plan Update

Solana Beach General Plan Update

Project Design Consultants (PDC) is in the process of preparing Phase I of Solana Beach’s General Plan Update, which includes the Land Use Element, Circulation Element, and Housing Element. The draft Land Use Element includes a description of goals and policies aimed at promoting sustainable development. The intent is to encourage new development that is designed to promote the use of alternative forms of transportation; provide better recreational opportunities; implement green building practices; maximize water and energy efficiency and waste reduction; improve water quality; and encourage the use of renewable energy sources.



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