December 3, 2023

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Spring Decorating Ideas for the Family Room

Spring Decorating Ideas for the Family Room

As spring symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start, there’s no better time to clean, organize, and redecorate the home.

Maybe it’s because it’s warm enough to open windows again, or perhaps it’s the days becoming longer than the nights, but spring is a good time for change.

Family Room
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Redecorating gives households a chance to make a big change without undergoing a major remodeling or home improvement project. Sometimes a new look is all it takes to create a new room, and it can often be done without changing any major elements of infrastructure or design. The family room is a good place to start. A family room is constantly changing, just like the seasons. It’s a room that welcomes new family members, visitors, and friends, while adapting to the tastes, habits, and needs of a constantly changing household. Sometimes a little bit of redecorating can push a much-needed change in the right direction and help keep the space in harmony with its users.

Family Room
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Consider these spring decorating ideas and tips for a fun and functional family room redecorating project in the upcoming months.

Spring decorating ideas for the family room.

You can improve the look, feel, and function of a family room simply by redecorating. A variety of activities take place in a family room, involving family and friends of all ages, and part of the trick is building a room where these dissimilar events can coexist in harmony.

Family Room
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Rearrange the furniture.

Sometimes that’s all it takes to make a room come alive again. Try drawing plans of the room with different furniture arrangements to see how a new layout could improve function. There are also several smart phone apps that do the same job.

Change accent elements.

Rearranging or replacing some of the minor elements of family room décor can make a big impact. You don’t have to replace your sofa or other furniture to create a new look. Instead turn to more easily expendable features such as window treatments, accent pillows, area rugs, and accent décor.

Family Room
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Display photos and artwork.

What better place for a family photo wall than the family room? Children’s artwork can also be the perfect wall art for the family room, whether you tack up projects as they come home or frame your favorites for a gallery-style approach.

Family Room
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Add an entertainment center.

An entertainment center can be one of the most important family room features in a home with electronics extending beyond a television. Whether you purchase an organizational unit, install shelving, or simply combine several pieces of existing furniture to fit your needs, an entertainment storage solution can be a major step toward family room organization.

Living Room
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Build an art wall.

If you have the room and you don’t mind repainting on a regular basis, consider an art wall for your kids or grandkids. Provide them with art supplies and a wall as their canvas and see what kind of wall art they produce for the family room. An un-textured surface can be painted with chalkboard paint for a less permanent approach.

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Create kid-friendly storage.

It can be as simple as a toy box or as extensive as custom-built, personalized cubbies, but giving kids a place to put their stuff makes them more likely to pick it up and will help them keep better track of toys too.

Image courtesy of Lazzari USA

Improve natural lighting.

Daylight can improve the mood of a room dramatically and can even encourage us to trade TV for the outdoors on a sunny day. Try trading out darker window treatments for lighter, more opaque choices, and moving pieces of furniture and other obstacles that may be preventing sunlight from permeating the room.

Below are some spring decorating tips for the family room.

Choose neutral designs.

Family rooms are used by adults and children of all ages. You can keep the room universal for a variety of users by choosing neutral colors, patterns, and styles.

Attic family room by Case Design and Remodeling of Birmingham

Use chemical-free products.

When children and pets are around it’s even more important to use products that reduce or eliminate lingering toxins. Low-VOC paints are much safer during application and over the long term. Flor carpet tiles are a versatile product made from chemical-free recycled materials that can be installed as an area rug or wall-to-wall carpet.

Image courtesy of Neal A. Pann

Minimize décor.

Family rooms become cluttered quickly enough as it is. Let the range of items stored in a family room become the décor rather than over-decorating the space.

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Transition to summer.

How can your family room decorating project help your household transition to the summer months? It can be an opportunity to switch out differently styled items seasonally for a fresh look. Try exchanging insulating window treatments in winter and opaque curtains in summer, for example, or bringing out different colored accent pillows and décor to match the seasons. In spring, try to go for pastels and neutral color combinations such as yellow, green, and blue.

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