December 6, 2023

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Stucco, Stucco Trim, Stucco Cornice and Sill at Prime Mouldings

Stucco, Stucco Trim, Stucco Cornice and Sill at Prime Mouldings

Stucco, Stucco Trim, Stucco Cornice and Sill at Prime Mouldings

Our architectural mouldings will help you transform your building project and create an impressive and unique exterior design, and still stay within your budget. You can create unlimited designs using our stucco mouldings, trims, sills, bands, quoins, keystones, corbels and pediment flowers. You can also look for ideas in our Design Galleries.


Our Architectural Mouldings

  • Can be used on stucco, stone or brick exteriors
  • Can be used to create stunning contemporary, modern or classic designs
  • Are available in many standard designs and sizes
  • Are easy to install
  • Save you time and money
  • Are virtually maintenance free
  • Do not rot
  • Are easy to order

Stucco Mouldings

Our stucco mouldings, columns and other accents are used on hundreds of commercial and residential building projects to enhance their look and give a luxurious exterior. Browse our online galleries for samples of those building projects. Our pre-coated stucco trim, sill and band products are used around windows (window trims), doors and garage doors. Our architectural accents such as keystones, brackets and pediment flowers are used to enhance the luxurious look of mouldings around windows and doors. You can use our columns in front of your house and they will produce an unforgettable impression.

Our stucco products are lightweight, easy to install and were built to withstand very low and very high temperatures, just as sunshine, rain, ice and snow. Our stucco trim and sill products are resistant to mold and can be used in humid climates.

Installation is Easy as 1, 2, 3: Cut, Glue, Paint!

Installation of our stucco sill and trim products is very easy. Please see Installation for videos and other information. You will save thousands of dollars when you use our pre-coated stucco mouldings in comparison with the traditional application method of attaching and coating the foam. Our pre-coated mouldings provide a very smooth, even and well-defined profile. Our stucco mouldings are coated twice and you do not need to coat the mouldings again, which is labor-intensive and expensive.

Our Company

PRIME Mouldings is a leader in manufacturing of pre-coated stucco mouldings such as stucco cornices, trims, sills, bands, quoins and arches. We also supply architectural accents such as column bases and capitals, keystones, brackets and pediment flowers.
We offer the highest quality and service to our customers and are committed to complete customer satisfaction.

PRIME Mouldings works with a network of distributors and contractors nationwide. We ship our stucco mouldings, stucco cornices, decorative columns, stucco trim and sill products directly to our customers (anywhere in the U.S. or Canada) in the areas where we don’t have distributors.


You may find answers to your questions about our products in Frequently Asked Questions, otherwise please call us at 647.241.4046 or send us a message with your questions.

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