March 31, 2023

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The 4 Best Online Interior Design Services of 2020

The 4 Best Online Interior Design Services of 2020


Designing a room online and taking the plunge on products sight unseen may be, for some, too big of a leap of faith. That’s where roomLift comes in. The interior design service makes the process tangible by sending its users a curated box of interior recommendations, like paint chips and spec cards that recommend furniture, after they take an online style quiz.

Here’s how it works: Users begin by filling out a questionnaire that helps roomLift hone in on the style and functionality the design seeker is after. That includes answering questions about how the room is used, if pets and/or children live in the home—that white couch, while pretty to look at, might not be so functional for a family of four with a spunky Labrador—and how many people the space needs to accommodate. 

This is also when users can indicate their overall budget, if they’re incorporating any of their existing furniture into their plans, and which kind of package they want to purchase from roomLift. Two designs for a room cost around $695, and if a user wants to transform three or more rooms, there’s a 20% discount.

A few days after the questionnaire is sent in, along with several photographs of the room, a floorplan for the space arrives in the mail that requires some measurements to be made and returned to the company. In two to three weeks, a custom box of curated selections, including recommendations for furniture, paint, wallpaper, and accessories, when applicable, arrives for the design seeker to mull over in the space itself.

Along with the box, an email with links to all of the products is sent to the users. Users also get one, 15-minute phone call or email exchange where they can talk about their designs with roomLift’s experts.

RoomLift differs from other services because after delivering the designs, it hands all of the information for purchasing over to the user. Products are then bought by users directly from the company that makes them, rather than through the roomLift website. 


  • Provides something tangible to users

  • Allows users to purchase products on their own terms

  • Options to speak with design experts by phone or by email

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