December 4, 2023

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The Sewing Room – 10 Amazing Sewing Room Ideas

The Sewing Room – 10 Amazing Sewing Room Ideas

If you’re looking for sewing room ideas and inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! We’re showing you 10 of our favorite ways to decorate and organize the sewing room! 

The Sewing Room - 10 Amazing Sewing Room Ideas

Sewing Room Ideas

My husband and I are currently building our new home, which means in a few months, I’ll be putting together a new craft and sewing room… and I am SO excited!

Today I wanted to share some of the sewing rooms that have given me some fantastic inspiration! Each space is unique and there are so many design elements I love! Take a look –

Sewing Rooms

Sewing Room Desk

Sewing Room Furniture

1. Ana White will show you how to make your own Modern Craft Table! Lots of storage, tons of workspace on top, and there is a spot for two counter stools at the opposite ends of the table so kids can have their own spot to craft/color.

Sewing Room Decor

2. Raise your hand if you’d LOVE this giant sewing table?! This sewing room from Could 9 Fabrics is both functional and beautiful! Lots of great work surfaces in this space!

Sewing Room Organization

Sewing Room Storage Ideas

3. Lolly Jane has the cutest sewing room storage ideas! Their craft room is one of my favorites, and I love how they styled their shelves!

Sewing Room Designs

Sewing Room Ideas

4. One of the best sewing room designs I’ve seen! This space from Oh Happy Day is bright, big and beautiful!

Sewing Room Idea

5. Another sewing room we love with an eclectic vibe is this Creative Home Office from Andrea’s Notebook. I like the vibe of this room; it makes me feel like creating.

Sewing Room Decor

Sewing Room Decorations

6. This bright and beautiful sewing corner is simple and fun! from Hey Let’s Make Stuff.

7. Black and White is my love language, so this sewing room decor from Fabric Paper Glue is my very favorite!

The Sewing Room

8. This sewing room is a great use of a small space! From Rosehips and Petticoats

9. This darling sewing room is another one of my favorite sewing room designs! Hope on over to see the darling space Welcome to the Mouse House created for her little girl, complete with a small sewing machine and everything! It is adorable!

Sewing Room Organization

Sewing Room Fabric Ideas

10. Who wouldn’t love all this color! This bright and colorful space from Tasha Horsely has some of the most beautiful sewing room organization ideas I’ve seen!


10 Sewing Room Ideas

Good luck decorating your sewing room!

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