This 2-year-old brings a 5-foot skeleton with him everywhere he goes

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Abby Brady was down in her basement when her son, Theo, noticed the decoration.

Mom Abby Brady of Salt Lake County, Utah, was down in her basement last month when her son, Theo, noticed the decoration.

“I said, ‘I might as well bring it upstairs’ and he refused to get in the car without the skeleton,” Brady told “Good Morning America.” “I said, ‘You know what? We’re going to make memories and we’re going to have fun.'”

Brady said she allowed Theo to take the skeleton, aka “Benny,” with them on an outing that day. Soon, the toddler and Benny became inseparable.

Benny joins grocery store runs, car rides, trips to the beach and pretty much anywhere Theo goes.

“The skeleton also sits in his rocking chair as he sleeps,” Brady said.

“It’s a little creepy,” she laughed. “But he likes it.”

Millions on TikTok are loving Theo and Benny’s friendship, and news sites around the world have shared the viral moment.

The Bradys plan on dressing up as a family this Halloween with “Nightmare Before Christmas”-themed costumes.

And Benny will follow in a pull-wagon as Theo trick-or-treats.

Mom says as long as Theo wants Benny around, Benny can stay — even during Christmastime.

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