December 5, 2023

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This Fall DIY Decoration Is A Perfect Way To Pass Time & Feel Festive

This Fall DIY Decoration Is A Perfect Way To Pass Time & Feel Festive

There is always that weird period between Halloween and December where you have no idea how to decorate. A lot of people don’t decorate for Thanksgiving anymore out of respect but so many find its too early to decorate for the other holidays coming up. Your home must feel so empty from fun themed decoration so here is a great DIY for you to make that will make your home feel a bit more festive.

White glittery pumpkins


Let’s Get Working

Items Needed: 

-Pumpkins real or plastic works
-White paint
-Glitter or sequins
-Mod Podge
-Gold paint for stems (optional)

Making Jack-o-lanterns is a fun Halloween activity but those are already away, this is similar to that but more fallish. Go to the Halloween section of your local store, there should be a ton of candy and decorations on sale. Grab a plastic pumpkin then buy some paint, glitter and mod podge. Start by painting your pumpkin white, allow that to dry completely. Once that is dry spread mod podge on the top of the pumpkin in your desired glitter pattern. Coat the mod podge in glitter and allow that to dry. You can add a second coat of mod podge to help the glitter stay in place. This is a fun way to make a pumpkin decoration seem a bit more elegant.

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