October 1, 2023

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Tips for the perfect family room design: Theme, Furniture & More

Tips for the perfect family room design: Theme, Furniture & More

A lot of people use the terms ‘family room’ and ‘living room’ interchangeably. Although similar in context, the two have served different functions historically. A living room is more like a formal space for your guests in contrast to a family room which is a rather informal, relaxed area where people spend time with their families, watch TV or play games. Depending on specific preferences, it may or may not include child-friendly furniture and/or a workstation.

Modern contemporary family room ideas

Are you looking to revamp your family room? Or do you want to build one from scratch using available space? MyBayut has got your back, as today we’ll give you ideas for the perfect family room design.

Step 1: Come up with a plan

First things first: you must decide whether you are revamping or creating a new family room. Then, you’ll have to come up with a plan to make the best use of available space. The ideal plan would take into account your budget, the theme or look you want and the amenities you would prefer to have.

Step 2: Select a colour theme

After you have taken care of the basics, you’ll have to fish for ideas. This step generally gets a bit easier if you already have some family room design ideas in mind. It would be a good idea to take stock of how your overall space looks so that you can incorporate a similar theme for your family room design. If you want more inspiration, there are plenty of modern family room ideas online and in interior decor magazines. Depending on your decision, select the appropriate colour theme. It could be a dark colour if you have a large space and want to accentuate the furniture too.

Tips for the perfect family room design: Theme, Furniture & More
This airy living room has contrasting wall and ceiling colours

If you have a small space to work with, it’s best to select lighter shades. Colours must also be complimentary – select a colour for the ceiling which would complement the colour of the walls in your family room. You could go for a bold, high-contrast look and choose a dark ceiling to give an intimate and cosy feel to the room. Alternatively, if you want a simpler look, don’t select harsh tones. In this case, select a lighter shade than that of the wall for the ceiling. That would make the room feel brighter and more spacious.

Step 3: Select Furniture

After the colour theme has been decided and the room has been painted, you would want to place furniture there. The choice of furniture should indeed be based on the theme you have decided on. Typically, people select from a variety of sofas, rugs, throw pillows and ottomans. Side tables can also be added. Make sure that the curtains in your family room design go with the overall colour theme. Upholstered furniture can be a good choice for a sophisticated look. People generally have a TV in their family room too. Flat-screen options are not only in vogue but they also save up space as you can mount them on your wall. The priority when it comes to family room furniture is always about comfort. While you may have more structured and minimalistic decor ideas for a living room, the family rooms are where you can really let your personality come alive. 

Sofa colors and sizes must always match that of the room
The colour of your furniture must go along with your selected theme

When you select the furniture, take into account the size; it should fit in your space comfortably. You will also have to decide details such as the fabric of your sofa and rug. If you choose extra seating and ottomans, please make sure they also remain aligned with the overall ambience of the room.

Color and size of rug matters when you design your family room
A carefully chosen rug complements your family room

Some people also prefer to have a workstation in their family room. This largely depends on how much space you have for your room though. It’s possible to dedicate a spot to workstations or work desks in a large family room design. Having a workstation helps people write or work on some project from within the comfort of their homes. If you choose to keep one, make sure it has access to sufficient lightning, whether artificial or natural.

Having a work desk in your family room lets you manage your home office
Having a workstation in your family room lets you work with discipline

Step 4: Select what goes in your family room design

The choice of what to incorporate into your family room design is largely a personal one, depending on your current lifestyle. Parents with toddlers would want to keep children-friendly furniture and/or toys in a corner. Those having older children, or even those who are gamers themselves might want to have a billiards or tennis table in a corner. Alternatively, you can also pin up a dartboard across the wall and store some board games. People also choose to keep video games to nurture their inner child. If you have sufficient space, you can also add a snack bar or refreshment spot to your family room. A creative idea is to have a large world map on the wall of all the places your family has visited.

A pool table in your family room increases the fun
Adding a pool table to your family room dials up the fun factor

Step 5: Align Carefully

When all is done, make sure you have everything aligned. Rugs, if any, should be placed properly so as to complement the living space. Furniture must be placed facing the TV; make sure that it isn’t blocking any entrances or doors. Finally, add some personality to your room by making it simple yet elegant and comfy at the same time.

Family room ideas on a budget

Are you running short of space? Also on a tight budget? Don’t worry, as you can work an idea out within your limitations. While having a dedicated family room is often only possible if you are living in large apartments or event renting one of the villas in Dubai. But this shouldn’t stop you from creating your own personal space at home.

If space and budget are issues, you can choose to make a family corner in your current living room! Instead of having an entire sofa set, you can choose to keep one sectional sofa. You could also hang framed family photos in a corner. Adding a separate colour to the space would also mark this corner in your living room.

Using a sectional sofa eliminates the need of excessive furniture in your family room
You can fancy a family room in a corner of your existing living room

There are also many small family room design ideas you can choose from if you want. You could simply add a few beanbags or comfortable floor cushions where you can spend time together as a family. You could also go for a slightly more informal look for your living room so that the space feels more relaxed and lounge-like. Invest in a few throws and pillows to lend your personal space a more quirky vibe. 

In addition to these ideas, it’s also important to take stock of the lighting in the family room. A more subtle, warm tone would add to the intimate vibe of the room. Check out our post on home lighting techniques for more inspiration on how to light your family room.

To sum it up, you can spruce up your existing family room or create a new one based on your preferences. Check out MyBayut’s hacks to remodel your house on a budget.

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