December 11, 2023

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Welcome to Interior Design – Santa Barbara City College

Welcome to Interior Design – Santa Barbara City College

Welcome to Interior Design – Santa Barbara City College

Interior design focuses on the creation of interior environments that are both functional
and pleasing. The field offers a variety of employment opportunities with interior
design and architectural firms, kitchen and bath design studios, as well as with interior
materials and furniture stores. A combination of education, work experience and passing
the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam is required for
interior design professionals.

The SBCC Interior Design Program, offered within the Drafting CAD Department, provides
comprehensive training for entry-level interior design positions. It is a vocational
program, not a transfer program. Certificated, professionally experienced instructors
teach all courses.

Successful completion of each Interior Design(ID) course earns full college credit.
Students who complete the required Interior Design, Art, Art History and Drafting
courses and controlled electives earn a Certificate of Achievement in Interior Design.
Those who also complete institutional and General Education course requirements earn
the Associate in Arts Degree in Interior Design. Courses are offered with an open
enrollment policy; they are open to both ID majors and non-majors.

Interior Design classes have co-requisites. A corequisite is a class that must be
taken at the same time or before taking the class to which it is a co-requisite. DRFT
120 is a co-requisite to ID 101, 105 and 106, though it is advisable to take DRFT
120 before taking these classes. DRFT 120 must be taken before taking DRFT 124 and
DRFT 130. Plan your schedule accordingly.

Faculty & Offices

Armando M. Arias del Cid, Chair (OE-24, ext. 2436)

Laura Welby, Associate Professor (OE-16A, ext. 2522)

Alan Price, Dean (A-218, ext. 3044) 

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