March 31, 2023

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What is Exterior Design – Style Council

What is Exterior Design – Style Council

Exterior designers are professionals, who produce ideas to make your outdoor design unique, practical and aesthetically pleasing; whilst remaining within budget.

Exterior design provides a sophisticated compliment to the architecture of a dwelling, or space.  By integrating Nature and man-made structures, the home can be expanded into the outdoors.
The functional outcome must blend effectively with surrounding greenery, fountains or features in order to create an environment that is suitable. and comfortable for quality outdoor time and family or home entertainment functions.

Style Council Exterior Designers are inspired by nature’s perfect design.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air. All the elements of nature designed into our living environments enhance a sense of well being, peace and timeless beauty in our lives.

We are a ‘green’ company with a blue logo. Our eco living spaces value and promote clean air and water as a sustainable imperative for the future. We imagine and create our gardens as natural habitats, water-wise natural landscapes filled with life and colour.

We love earthy tones and colourful accents, the interplay of wood, bark, stone, metal, glass in functional and decorative aspects.
Masculine and feminine, contrasts and complementary tones, textures, form, flow and colour.
Style Council integrates Architecture and nature,  brings life to space and space to life.

What is Exterior Design – Style CouncilOur clients Include:  


property developers,

hotels and guest houses,

spacial development planners

architects, engineers,builders.


Style Council  offers it’s services to clients with distinct lifestyle needs.

  •  provides planning, design and  implementation services for all scale projects.     (home to urban park)
  •  constructs features for residential and commercial exteriors.
  •  selects quality professionals and products for its exterior design projects.

Designs vary based on several important factors:

  • The Lifestyle of the Person’s or Family.
  • The Architecture of house and existing Environment.
  • Specific Challenges on the property, such as erosion, privacy and so on.
  • Regulatory Requirements (by: municipalities, homeowner associations etc.)
  • Special Structures and Activity centres.
  • Significant Features and Landscape Psychology
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